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forwarded from friend to friend to friend. If you have an internet link which you think is GREAT & COOL, then send it to me and I will gladly add it to this Site. Click on the LINK to the left (Click Here) to get to the site described.

Click Here. Free Satellite photos of every spot in the U.S. Just keep clicking on your geographic location until you can see your own backyard!

Click Here Snoop around for the juicy dirt on your enemies, neighbors, boss, etc... A nosy person's dream.

Click Here Those lovable scamps, Linky & Dinky, find the DARNdest Web Links, and compile them for us in a highly disorganized, scattershot manner... from the brainy, to the bizarre, to the obtuse, Linky & Dinky rule! Always a FUN stop. Don't miss the Magic Trick, it's a DOOZY!

Click Here Some people will believe anything, and this site is proof. All your favorite urban legends debunked.

Click Here The UFO Black Vault - "The largest databases of United States government documents pertaining to the UFO phenomenon."

Click Here Recent full-color photos from the Hubble Space Telescope. How cool is that?

Click Here Search classified ads to find a job anywhere in the USA.

Click Here Feeling disconnected? Psychotic? Dual-personality getting the best of you? Take these psychology tests and discover your inner self.

Click Here Search for the cheapest airfares to anywhere in the world.

Click Here Fly a real Russian MiG fighter at 75,000 feet at Mach 3!

Click Here Wear your computer on your body! Speak to it, no more typing. View the screen thru an eyepiece. Surf the web while shopping, driving, etc.

Click Here, find a free PC or Mac program to do anything!

Click Here Research-It, amazing all-in-one information source.

Click Here Download cool photos direct from the Hubble Space Telescope!

Click Here Amazing instant stats in any sport, any player.

Click Here Detailed Satellite pictures of the US.

Click HereTake an interactive spaceship journey to Mars and Jupitor.
Very interesting and informational and fun too.

Click Here Free real-time stock market quotes (NO 15-minute delay).

Click Here "What is the U.S. government doing to investigate UFOs?" That's what I want to know, damn it, and that's what you'll find out at this site.

Click Here MORE Free real-time quotes, plus lots of research data.

Click Here US Legal Code - law reference desk at your fingertips.

Click Here Internet Reference desk - find out anything about anything!

Click Here Free car research info - find out what the DEALER pays and get the best deal on a new car!

Click Here Yes, Virginia, there is a Banana Museum. I'm sorry to be the one to tell you.

Click Here "Scientific Frontiers" - hundreds of online articles on strange natural (and unnatural) phenomena.

Click Here The Fortean Times is the "Newsweek" of strange science.

Click Here Home of the "Eternal Life Device" - make one yourself from the plans on this site, or just read about his teleportation device. It's so simple!

Click Here Bus Plunge news site. Not for those with fear of falling.

Click Here Are your real teeth not quite rotten enough for you? Order a set of these disgusting choppers and let the fun begin!

Click Here The Museum of Bad Art features bad art. Really bad art.

Click Here Crop Circles explained! These guys make 'em, you can see 'em.

Click Here - Leading the world in Bizarre Media.

Click Here rotten dot com - When HELL is full, the dead will walk the earth. An archive of disturbing illustration.

Click Here If guys with big, fat beer guts are your special fantasy, than you'll love this site.

Click Here Description, stills and downloadable video files of the famous "exploding whale".

Click Here Center for Chihuahua Exploitation. Don't miss the NASA photos of Chihuahuas approaching 500 mph in top-secret wind-tunnel experiments.

Click Here Plan your next vacation from this list of funny or unusual roadside attractions.

Click Here Got questions? HowStuffWorks.Com has all the answers, from cars to computers to airplanes. You name it and we'll show you how it works.

Click Here Silicon Investor - great discussion of high-tech stocks.

Click Here Art cars! Decorate your auto for fun or profit!

Click Here Police Hall of Fame and Museum in Miami, plus a really cool online gift shop.

Click Here National Atomic Museum, brought to you by the friendly folks at Sandia Labs. Includes replicas of the bombs that flattened the Japanese, plus "an impressive array of American fusion weapons, tactical and strategic thermonuclear bombs, fleet ballistic missiles, anti-submarine weapons, warheads and artillery rounds". Yowza!

Click Here Official government explanation of the Roswell UFO incident.

Click Here REAL scientists, talking about REAL science. Like inventing warp drives so they can be like those cool guys on Star Trek. If you go faster than the speed of light, could you come back and marry your own grandmother?

Click Here The Annals of Improbable Research, presenters of the Ig Nobel prize. Also featuring Anatomical charts of Barney, etc...