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Tribute To The Victims

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Women Of Afghanistan

Afghanistan Online

Islam Online

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Where Was GOD 9/11?

Portraits of Grief

Attack On USA.ORG

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Healing Prayer



The WhiteHouse Responds

The War on Terror

*TALIBAN* We Are Coming [PPS]

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Memo From GOD [PPS]

Islam, Empire Of Faith

NYC Under Siege, Click Photos [PPS]

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Mideast Struggle For Peace

Muslim Life in America

Basic tenets Of Islam

Islamic Architecture Videos

Virtual Tour Of The Region

Beliefnet, Religious Views

Middle East Article

bin Laden & The Hijackers

Terrorist Morons

Terrorism Chronology

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Top 10 Patriotic Sites

Nostradamus Hoaxes

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Read The Farrakhan Speech

See The Farrakhan Speech

US Flags For Sale

Day Of Prayer-2001 [PPS]

Today Only [PPS]

Hummmm! An Alternative View

Islam Scholars Reject Terrorism

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Life & Reality,Click On The Pics [PPS]

Tragedy Time Line

One World [PPS]

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US Military Assault

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Shattered 9/11/2001

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True Love

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The Plow

Jesus, The Walk

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A Pilot's Rules

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Taliban Singles Online. "LoL"

Wipe Your BuTT with bin Laden


America Under Attack. GOD Bless America.
The Coalition against Terrorism consists of 195 Countries around the WORLD.
86 Nations suffered casualties in the Attack.
1400 Islams/Muslims perished in the Tragedy.

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Dedicated to the men,
women and children who lost their lives;
all those who sacrificed their lives;
And to all the Heroes that responded to the emergency 11 September 2001


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Watch The SlideShow!
Remembering 9/11/2001.
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9/11 SlideShow
In Memory Of The Tragedy.
September 11.2002 (A year later), Let Us Never Forget.

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Bin Laden Panoramic Movies

video Click here to watch Panorama's
profile of Osama Bin Laden in full

video Click here to watch Panorama's
Osama Bin Laden's early

video Click here to watch Panorama's
Bin Laden's time in Saudi Arabia
and how his anger towards America

video Click here to watch Panorama's
Details about his time in Sudan
and where his money is invested


Sept.11,2001 will be remembered as one of the most horrific and unbelievable days ever experienced in the United States. The events of this day certainly affect every American, and likely will affect every person in the world in some way.

Everyone expresses their deepest sympathy to the families of the victims in this tragedy.

Approximately 2,400 people were killed at Pearl Harbor, and the September 11 tragedy is likely to exceed that.


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"WTC" Before And After.

WTC-Before and After.


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We believe that the one God calls us to be peoples of peace. Nothing in our Holy Scriptures, nothing in our understanding of God's revelation, nothing that is Christian or Islamic justifies terrorist acts and disruption of millions of lives which we have recently witnessed. Together we condemn those actions as evil and diametrically opposed to true religion."  Joint Statement of Catholic Bishops and Muslim Leaders

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America Under Attack-

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