Me, JP
"These Are The Days Of Miracles And Wonders".

Forever Thinking And Wondering.

I am the depuzzler,
the divide mender,
the de-bugger,
the treasure finder,
the problem solver,
the common sense provider,
the mystery solver.

Those that happen upon my path
experience the nuances of just being.

Can you smell the roses?

Why not?

They`re, there.

I`m all the things that most men aspire to be
and a few things they fear.

In matters of the heart, there is no shame in my game.
I am made in the # 1`s own image. I am father to some,
lover to others, and a mother.... when I must be.

I am man. "I came, I saw, I conquered."

That which is simple is really only simply seen.
That which is simply seen is merely understood.
Open your mind, look deeper!

"THINK about the very little things that make US different, then THINK about the things we all have in common. We are more alike than alot of us would like to THINK."..
"Life is a journey, enjoy the ride."
I want to live LIFE, while I am still alive.

To ENJOY life, you goTTa take big bites. Moderation is for Monks. And, nothing is more boring than meat and potatoes.

Livin in New Bedford, Ma. (Not for long, South Bound, Florida in winters and Nantucket Island in summers.) Hobbies and Interests: Beaches, nature, interesting conversations, people watching, travel, theme and adventure parks,
OHhhhh, just about everything, you name it, I'll try it.
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If you ever stood outside of your picture (Story) or MOVIE>., you will see a much broader view, and if you are objective enough, you will see what you did and are doing wrong and right and you will see the other parties plights and unknown attempts at all sorts of things (If you are open minded enough)..
Then you may find that you will be able to predict next steps and directions.. Thus becoming a guiding light or Guardian Angel to those so desperately in need of better direction and better outcomes without actual outright mention..
All towards the good of course, or else you will not be successful, and it could backfire on you.. So, visit this site and open up avenues to better days for you and those you touch..~~>A site for self betterment.

Brianna and Tamia
Here They Are.
Brianna Lynn and Tamia Danae
My Darling Little Angels.

Nantucket Summer Gathering
Family Gathering On Nantucket Island, This summer.

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Okay now here's a little something to think about..
Here's a story about
Might just Ring some Bells for some of YOU..
Could it be you, and you just didn't realize it ?


We are all born into this world with certain abilities and needs.
The challenge of life is for us to discover these abilities and to use them, while fulfilling our needs.
Each person must do this within the realm of a completely unique set of circumstances.
Our abilities are as many varied as there are people, but we find that our
needs are common to all.
The need that offers the greatest potential for joy is also
the need that offers the greatest potential for pain, the need to share our life with
I don't wish to be everything to everyone , but I would like to be Something

Again last night you came to me with tales of the end of your latest romance,
asking how could you possibly bear the pain. With your head on my shoulder
I dried your tears, while assuring you that tomorrow someone new would
come along.
When you were finally comforted you kissed my cheek and returned to
your WORLD.

As I looked around the house, now empty again, I thought of my walks in
the park watching the couples while I was alone.
And AS I reached for the T.V Guide,
I felt the moisture of a tear running down my face {;o( .
For while some people have a shoulder to cry on,
it is the destiny of others that they cry alone.
So many are afraid of the word "Hello" because it so often leads to the word
So often I hear it from others, others who are struggling to make their
relationships what it should be naturally. Yet they don't wait to hesitate to say,
"with so many people out there surely you can find someone."
But the problem lies
in the fact that I don't want just someone,
I want the right someone!
Sometimes, the world is willing to give at a time that we are not willing to
So often we reach out and offer that which we have to give to someone who
has no need , or does not recognize the value of our gift. Thus our gift goes unreceived,
through no fault of our own, and this rejection causes pain.
But the real tragedy occurs when someone comes along
who has a need for, and recognizes the value of what to give ,
but because the memory of rejection is still fresh on our mind, we no longer reach out.
Not everyone knows how to give, but then, not everyone knows how to
It's so easy to think about love, to talk about love, to wish for love, but it's
not always easy to recognize love. Even while when we hold it in our hands.
We should not expect more from others than we are willing to give.

The only acceptance we truly need is self-acceptance.
For once we have gained that, the rest should come.
And that which does not come will not matter.
I am a collection of characteristics, both physical and mental, that makes me
completely unique. No one else anywhere is exactly like me.
An I realize that not
everyone who crosses my path will be interested in what I have to offer.
But my strength comes from the belief that someone, somewhere, can and will appreciate
me for what I am.

Some people think too highly of others and not enough of themselves,
while others think too highly of themselves and not enough of others.
We should always remember ....
to themselves no one is just another person.
Touch gently the life of your fellow man, for the human heart shapes as
easily as clay upon the potters wheel.
Being human I will make mistakes ,
I will say things that shouldn't be said,
I will do things that shouldn't be done. And these things will bring pain to myself and
unfortunately to others.

So often, life is not filled with love and laughter
as much as with loneliness and disappointment.
But there will be enough of those beautiful moments with
very special people to make it all seem worthwhile.

It's not easy, this thing called life, with it's broken dreams and lonely nights,
and all the things that don't turn out right.
It would be easier if it came with a script of who we were to meet and the
right things to say. Then nothing but joy filling each day.
Yes it would be easier, but it wouldn't be life.

I reach out to the world that has given me dreams. And I pray that I might
have the courage to explore my life, to live my life , my dreams.
No one can determine who I am, but myself. My parents cannot,
my teachers cannot, my friends can not.
They can guide me, but in the final analysis
the problem is completely mine. For I have abilities that are completely unique to me,
and the challenge of life is for me to discover them, to develop them, to use them
For then and only then will I know who I am.
What price we pay for experience, when we must sell our youth to buy it.

I'm not very good at this game called life. For I've not learned to see children
crying without feeling pain; for I've not learned to watch animals destroyed
without wondering why; for I've not yet met a king or celebrity that I would bow
down to, or a man so insignificant that I would use for a stepping stone; for I've not
learned to be a "yes man" to narrow minded bosses who quote rules without reason;
and I've not learned to manipulate the feelings of others, to be used as I see fit.

No, I'm not good at this game called life, and if everything goes well, maybe

I never will be!

I've noticed a paradox in this cold world when strangers seldom speak, and
heaven forbid should they ever touch but on a dance floor, when slow music plays,
two strangers can come together without questions, without lies and while the
music is playing they can express a basic human need, to hold... and be held.
And somehow I can't help but believe that the whole world should learn to
play a little more 'slow music'.
When the music slowed, I crossed the crowded room and reached out to her.
She came without hesitation, not as a stranger who had shared only a smile. She
placed her hand in mine, her head on my shoulder, and her body close to mine. As
the music played I could feel her trembling from all the loneliness inside. Yet we
never spoke, for there really wasn't anything that needed to be said. When the
song ended she returned to her world and I mine. Now, after all the months, I will
occasionally close my eyes and relive those few moments that we shared.

You can know someone in a moment of honesty, than ever you can in a
lifetime of lies!
Strangers are people whose paths have never crossed, and no common time
has never been shared.
But once they meet can they truly be stranger's again?
Have you ever noticed that strangers become uneasy when silence comes
between them? For they immediately start worrying what the other is thinking.
For we usually need to know someone very well before we can feel comfortable with
their silence.

As the moon floated across the sky and twinkled in the ripples in the lake, I
sat silently beside you and tossed pebbles into the water. From time to time you
would squeeze my hand and rest your head on my shoulder. There was no radio, no
television, no pennies for your thoughts.
Funny how quickly the hours passed, and how much closer I felt to you.
Maybe more often we should sit down together and have a good long 'silence'.

"Somedays you are the dawgie...somedays you are the hydrant!!"........"Accept It And Learn To Live With It, Such Is Life"......"In dog years, I am dead!!"......Hah Hah Hah!!.....CRAZY OL' DAWG......"JP"

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